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Anima Mundi Blue Lotus 28g

350,00 kr

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Blue Lotus is a wildcrafted tea which is also called the 'Flower of Intuition'.

For centuries, Blue Lotus has been respected as an ancestral flower known to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming. The effects of the Blue Lotus, or Blue Waterlily, can be euphoric while helping to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body, and mind.

The tea consists of dried flowers that can help promote relaxation and heightened awareness. 



+ Can act as a nervous system relaxant, also known as a Nervine

+ Can help promote restful sleep

+ Helps to reduce stress + anxiety

+ May open up the third eye

+ May induce relaxation

+ May heighten awareness

+ May relieve anxiety


HOW TO USE: To make a Blue Lotus tea, add 1 tbsp to 1 cup of boiling water. Allow it to steep for 5-7 minutes. Allow yourself to listen to your intuition and body when creating your delicious drink.


HOW ANETTE AND SUSANNE USE IT: We both love to drink Blue Lotus tea right after breakfast, start the workday, and get in the creative zone. We also love to brew a cup of tea right before bedtime and make it more ceremonial with candles, a yoga mat do some meditation, and ask for some special signs in our dreams ;-)

ÔĽŅINGREDIENTS:¬†Blue Lotus flowers^


Ethically sourced from Thailand


ABOUT THE BRAND: Anima Mundi's Apothecary is composed of organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown botanicals. They aim to continuously source wholesome medicines for mind, body, and soul wellness. Anima Mundi is devoted to making vibrant and medicinally potent remedies that honor the principles of harmony and ancient formulation that have years of traditional evidence. 

Anima Mundi’s roots are within the heart of Costa Rica and Brooklyn. The Costa Rican founder Adriana moved to Brooklyn with a mission to bridge remedies from native people within Central and South America, to modern-day needs and imbalances. Since their evolution out of Adriana's tiny in-home office space, their apothecary has sustainably grown to contain over 200 different herbs from around the world, providing retailers, SPA's, hotels, boutiques, holistic doctors, and physicians, with trustable and well-sourced remedies. They believe in sustainable growth, from the inception of the plants we use to their business practice. Their project educates and supports true fair trade practices, beyond organic farming, education, small farmers to create remedies that benefit people from all walks of life.
The products contain zero fillers, binders, or flow agents. Lab-tested for purity and efficiency. Packaged in recyclable glass, or biodegradable bags. The products are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. If a condition persists, please contact your physician or health care provider.