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Raw Care Studio

Raw Care Studio was created with an intention in their heart — living a sustainable and meaningful way of life, supporting their community while seeking to inspire a sense of self-cultivation and self-care by turning daily routines into grounding rituals. Raw Care Studio offers a collection of pure plant-based skin, body, and hair care essentials, and tools for rituals, healing, and self-care. The ingredients used in our formulations and recipes are non-toxic, organic, cruelty-free, and gentle on the planet.RAW: denotes materials in unprocessed or minimally processed states. CARE: the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

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Rose Clay Mask

Our Rose Clay Mask is a high-vibrational blend of antioxident-rich flowers and fruits that can help tighten, tone, and detoxify the skin. The precious rose powder acts as an astringent and redness-reducing ally, while hibiscus enhances youthful hydration and mangosteen fights blemishes and inflammation. Combined with a white kaolin clay base to balance and aloe vera extract to soothe and nourish, this mask is nothing short of plant-based perfection.

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We have created an online hangout spot aimed at all of you with similar interests to us! We offer monthly calls, activities, events and content on wellness, sustainability, health, spirituality, and self-development! Its a place to connect with like-hearted people, to learn about ourselves and learn to thrive. Monthly, we offer a Q&A, a heart-to-heart call with us, and two sessions with our beloved guests. Would love to see you there!

Trees planted and bottles collected from the ocean

Together with Verdn, we attach an impact to every product that you purchase in our shop. Here is an overview of our impact so far



pledged to be planted by our partners



equivalent to our pledged ocean-bound plastic cleanup