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Radical Broccoli Tote Bag

Finally the Radical Broccoli tote bag is here, and we are so excited! 🥦 It's designed with our new logo - Expanding on the front side. You can look at it as a futuristic broccoli, representing that everything starts from within and flows outwards. On the back side is a heartfelt reminder from us – to slow down. Take a breath and connect to your heart. Our everyday life is high paced, and sometimes stressful. Whenever you bring the Radical Broccoli tote bag with you, we hope we can remind you to take a moment and reconnect. <3

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Eco Sunglasses

Sustainable eyewear handmade to order. Recycled and bio materials. Made for the sun, the salt & the sea.

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Butterfly Pea Flower

A plant native to Southeast Asia that’s commonly used in tea. Butterfly Pea Flower is full of health-promoting compounds, including antioxidants as well as pigments that allow it to naturally color foods and beverages. Butterfly Pea Flower tea is also used for beauty purposes, contributing to healthy-looking skin, hair, and eyes. It’s sometimes combined with water plus an acidic ingredient, such as lemon, which changes the pH of water, so its color changes from blue to violet. Give it a try - it’s actually amazing! In Ayurveda, this tea is called Anchan tea. It’s used in devotional ceremonies to represent protection, love, and peace. It’s associated with the powerful Hindu goddess named Aparajita, whose name means “the undefeated one” 🦋

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