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Radical Courage ebook

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Our new ebook is finally out! It is a book for all of us who want to have the courage to live out our dreams. The book is a downloadable PDF. 

NB! It is illegal to share this book unless purchased.


Radical Courage is a book for those who want to find the courage within to unlock their potential and do what they dream of, whether that is in business or in life. Anette and Susanne share their process of going from a life that felt unfulfilling to creating a successful company and a life that feels free, creative, and joyful.

They highlight how they overcame their fear of being vulnerable and sharing, to present their ideas, inspiration, and creations in an authentic way. Courage has always been a driving force in their lives. 

The authors discovered how creating a business is the ultimate reflection of everything that is going on within. From realizing that life doesn’t need to be a constant struggle, to resigning from “safe” jobs and taking that first jump into creating a company. Rewriting limiting beliefs into powerful affirmations that change our reality, trusting that we are here with a purpose, that we can go our own way, and that we deserve to be successful.

Throughout the book you will learn their best advice, experiences, and stories. It takes the reader on a journey from the creation of their business Radical Broccoli, presenting the process in an easy and accessible manner. 


  1. Creating Radical Broccoli
  2. Goodbye life of certainty?
  3. Unlearning the old and writing a new story
  4. Money
  5. The feminine and the masculine
  6. Sharing our creations
  7. What is your next courageous step?


© 2021 Radical Broccoli

Authors: Anette Bastviken and Susanne Bastviken
Graphic design: Julie Kristensen
Cover illustration: Susanne Møller-Hansen
Tilrettelagt for ebok av eBokNorden as

ISBN: 978-82-8328-255-9 (ePub)

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher, except as permitted by U.S. and European copyright law. For permissions contact:


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