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Sunbloom Room & Linen Spray

125,00 kr

Plants 5 trees You can track your impact after purchase.

ABOUT: P.F. Candle Co. charcoal-based incense is hand-dipped in their studio and packaged in kraft sleeves. Incense quickly transforms a room: transformative smoke uplifts the space while our signature scents linger for hours even after extinguishing.

I absolutely love incense, and use it every day at home. I use my intuition and mood to choose the scent of the day, a good practice! - Susanne

SCENT: Day-tripping in the desert, spring’s first bloom, infinite blankets of kaleidoscopic wildflowers. Golden-rayed lily, yarrow, and tonka bean.

P. F. Candle Co.: P.F. Candle Co. is a Los Angeles-based home fragrance company owned and operated by Kristen Pumphrey and Thomas Neuberger. They believe that fragrance is an extension of your home design, and create high-quality products with accessible price points in mind. While the production methods have improved over the years, something that hasn't changed about P.F. products is the people behind them. All of their products are developed, produced, tested, packed, and shipped by their team out of their warehouse in Los Angeles, CA.


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