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Rudolph Care Body Scrub 200 ml

349,00 kr 410,00 kr

Recovers 1 kg of ocean-bound plastic You can track your impact after purchase.

Acai Body Scrub is an effective and gentle body scrub with natural cleansing granules. The gentle exfoliation increases blood circulation and removes dead skin cells to leave the skin smooth and soft, with a radiant glow and renewed vitality. The scrub contains fine granules that gently maintain the balance of the skin.

The apricot seed granulate in Açai Body Scrub scrubs your skin clean, soft and glowing. Regular exfoliation (1-2 times a week) keeps your skin in top form. But Açai Body Scrub is more than just scrubbing granules: the product contains additional nourishing cold-pressed rapeseed and olive oils as well as protective and firming açai extract full of antioxidants.

This rich scrub has an amber, gel-like texture which is easy to apply on your body and transforms into a nourishing lotion when rinsed off. The inspiration for Açai Body Scrub comes from Brazil where the sand is so fine that a walk along the beach leaves your feet softer and perfectly exfoliated. We have put that feeling and effect into a tube.


The product is organic - Cosmos and ECOCERT certified and Nordic Swan Labelled. It also holds the Vegan Trademark label.


  • Properties: Exfoliates, softens, adds glow
  • Especially good for: All skin types
  • Size: 200 ml


How to use:

Use Acai Body Scrub in the shower, but remove excess water from your skin before you apply. With circular motions, massage the product into the skin. The less wet your skin is, the more effective the exfoliation will be. Rinse under running water.

After showering and drying yourself off, apply some Açai Body Lotion. Together, they leave the skin feeling soft, refreshed and moisturized. 


This product will clean up 1 kilo of ocean plastic, and you can track this impact post-purchase🐳