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Radical Courage - the course

1.500,00 kr

We invite YOU to join us for 3 whole weeks of inspiration, knowledge, exercises  and meditations in our new online course! 


August 8th -  August 29


A 3-week course where we dive into: 

  • Dreams, beliefs  & trust
  • Self-care, self-love and wellness
  • Limiting beliefs and how to change them 
  • Courage & aligned action  
  • Daily routines & meditation  

What's included?

  • Private Instagram profile where we connect every day 
  • 2 weekly zoom calls
  • Exercises following up each call
  • 1 Q & A weekly on IG live 
  • 1 PDF summarizing each week
  • Daily guided meditations and wellness rituals 
  • Spotify list, recommended books and podcasts 
  • 10 % off everything in the Radical Broccoli shop
  • 50 % off Radical Courage 
  • Access to all materials by recording of you miss the time 


We want you to feel your absolute best and go after your dreams. We want you to know exactly why the world needs YOU. Most importantly, we want you to feel courageous and take action towards the life that you dream of. We will share everything we have learned working with healers, energetic advisors, spiritual teachers, and from life experiences.

Where to join: 

Everything will happen on Zoom and Instagram @radical_courage


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