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Certified Palo Santo Stick Large 5-pack, Incausa

345,00 kr

Plants 5 trees You can track your impact after purchase.

ABOUT: Palo Santo (holy wood) provides an uplifting scent that raises your vibration in preparation for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the Source of all creation. It is also said that Palo Santo enhances creativity and brings good fortune to those who are open to its magic.

We first got to know Palo Santa on our first trip to Costa Rica and quickly fell in love with the smell and the feeling of burning the stick and setting an intention to clear the room. The smell always brings back a feeling of calm, connection, and love. We learned a lot about the use of Palo Santo and how important it is to use one from a certified source. That is why we are so happy to provide this Palo Santo from Incausa. 

Palo santo has a woody scent with hints of pine, lemon, and mint. 

Certified by the National Forest Service and Wildlife of Peru, High resin Palo Santo in natura (Bursera graveolens).


HOW TO USE: Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite your stick of Palo Santo. Hold it at angle pointing the tip down toward the flame. Allow it to burn for a bit and then blow out the flame. Move about anywhere you would like to clear the energy. When finished, place the stick on a fire proof place. 


PRODUCT: Sold in a pack of five.


INCAUSA: Incausa (in·causa /in'kouza/) is a for-profit organization and New York based brand focusing on social entrepreneurship. All their products are made by small fair-trade producers in Brasil, Peru, Nepal, India and The US. Their business model enables indigenous people economic autonomy. Incausa collaborate with indigenous tribes Xavante, Yanomami, Mehinako, Yawalapiti, Kraho, Cinta Larga og Kaiapo to create connections between the local community and the international market. 100 percent of the wholesale price is given back to those producing the products, while Incausa keep the surplus from the retail sales to run a sustainable business model.  


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This product will plant 5 trees on your behalf🌳