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Makko Incense Sandal, Incausa

299,00 kr

ABOUT: Made of Makko (Japanese cedarwood) + Palo Santo (holy wood) + Sandalwood, these hand-pressed incense provide the same experience to the traditional smudging of natural Palo Santo wood. Burning Palo Santo in your home is said to cleanse the space of negative energy and provide clarity of mind.

The source is pure Bursera Graveolens incense, from forests managed, authorised and certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru in Piura (SERFORPiura).


HOW TO USE: Simply break off a small piece and burn on a safe, heat resistant surface.


PRODUCT: 7 incenses per box / 50 minutes burning time.


INCAUSA: Incausa (in·causa /in'kouza/) is a for-profit organization and New York based brand focusing on social entrepreneurship. All their products are made by small fair-trade producers in Brasil, Peru, Nepal, India and The US. Their business model enables indigenous people economic autonomy. Incausa collaborate with indigenous tribes Xavante, Yanomami, Mehinako, Yawalapiti, Kraho, Cinta Larga og Kaiapo to create connections between the local community and the international market. 100 percent of the wholesale price is given back to those producing the products, while Incausa keep the surplus from the retail sales to run a sustainable business model.  


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