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Magic of I Astro Planner 2022

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The 2022 Astrological Planner from Magic of I is a beautiful daily planner for 2022 made of vegan leather. A planner enabling you to create magic and live in alignment with nature and the universe. The planner gives us an opportunity to follow along the energies in the universe, the movements of the planets, and the cycles of earth. 

You don’t need to know astrology to use it.


• monthly astrological calendar
• weekly 7 day planner
• monthly goals & intentions
• weekly goals & actionable steps
• weekly planner with all aspects & moon movements
• full moon & new moon dates, themes and tips
• menstrual cycle tracking with the moon

• botanical illustrations
• moon planting guide
• decan tarot wheel
• astro codes
• planetary days + hours
• 2022 exact aspects overview 

And lots more! Your guide to a journey within 🌛


NEW IN 2022:

• European time zone
• Chiron aspects
• monthly mini ephemerics
• year in review
• improved pages


- A5 size (210 x 158 mm./8.3 x 5.8")

- 272 pages

- Beautiful illustrations and quotes

- Silk touch vegan leather

- FSC sustainable paper

- 2 ribbon placeholders



Now for the EU! The times in this planner is listed in Central European Time/Central European Summer Time CET/CEST (GMT+2). For general planning purposes, the exact time of day of a planetary aspect isn’t always important, but all exact times of the new + full moons, eclipses, aspects, ingresses, void moons and more are included. A handy conversion guide is included to convert times to your timezone if outside the above.



Running our own business and having many different areas of responsibility makes it important to be organised. We also love to add a sprinkle of magic to everything we do. The 2022 Astrological planners enable us to combine the best of both worlds - planning, structuring organising, and flowing in alignment with everything thats going on in the universe. We love to take a peak at the astrological aspects, where the moon and sun is placed that day, to write our new moon intentions and full moon releases, and also love to see how our menstrual cycles combine with the moon cycles. It feels absolutely amazing, empowering, connected and joyful.

 - Susanne & Anette



Magic Of I was created by the ever curious creative and lover and student of the moon, start and cycles, Kerry. She has been a designer for over 15 years, and brought her gifts, passions and wisdom together to create Magic Of I through her personal transformation. In 2019, she introduced the first Magic Of I astrological planner through a successful Indigogo campaign, and has ever since continued to create magical products to help us navigate our souls journey. 

Magic Of I are part of 1% for the Planet, and donate 1% of all sales to environmental nonprofits. To see which organisations they donate to, click here

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This product will plant 5 trees on your behalf🌳