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Cosmic Bundle - sale!

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Fly high with our latest bundle! ☯️ 

The cosmic bundle is curated for you who want to feel connected to the universe while enjoying your everyday life. You will find our best-selling astro planner for 2022, a beautiful cosmic incense, and a course in astro-geography by astro-expert Alyssa Donato.


This bundle includes:
Magic Of I Astro Planner Pocket 2022
Cosmic Nighttime Incense
Astro Geography course by Alyssa Donato

The astro planner is our everyday favourite for planning everything and anything. We check in with the planets, the sun, the moon, and we can easily see which energies are at play in the universe, and learn to co-create! The planner also includes a monthly cycle calendar, a guide to understanding astrology, a moon-planting guide, beautiful monthly new- and full moon reflection pages and so much more. We are in LOVE!

The cosmic incense is our favourite feeling of luxury, a friend of our senses, that we burn while getting into our daily workflow. It’s amazing to use during yoga and meditation too. It's all-natural, with beautiful scents, made by yogis in the Himalaya mountains.

If you are interested in learning about where in the world you have your best relationship energy, where you have your best career energy, where you will be challenged, and where you can find more enlightenment - this astro geography course is for you! Alyssa Donato is our favourite astro-expert, she is funny, quick, and explains everything so elegantly. Dive in for an hour of astro geography, and find your chart at