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Tongue Cleanser

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It's a morning detox tool that you can use every morning as soon as you wake. Its created to scrape off the layer of bacteria that has built up on the tongue over night. As the mouth is one of the first lines of defense for the immune system, having a healthy and balanced oral microbiome is an important part of keeping you fighting fit and healthy.  



+ Improves breath and oral hygiene - by removing harmful bacteria

+ Reinforces immunity

+ Improves digestion - by activating saliva

+ Balances oral microbiome

+ Heightens sense of taste - by removing bacteria covering the taste buds

+ Life changing - because tiny changes lead to big shifts in your well-being 

+ 100% pure copper

+ Lasts forever

+ Eco-friendly paper packaging



There are hundreds of tiny lines running along the surface of your tongue where harmful bacteria hide out, feeding on food leftovers and dead cells. They have the most fun multiplying while you sleep, when there is less saliva in your mouth to wash them away.

That's why you wake up with your breath smelling a bit...unsexy. And with a white coating on your tongue. Gently removing this coating with a tongue cleaner each morning is a basic step in assisting your body’s natural detoxification processes. 

Research has shown that scraping is much more effective than a toothbrush at removing tongue bacteria. A toothbrush mostly just moves bacteria around on your tongue, instead of scraping it off.


The Indian Ayurvedic gurus have been scraping for the past 2000 years, and tongue scraping remains very common in India. Alongside dry brushing and drinking warm lemon water, it is part of a daily Ayurvedic cleansing routine.

With yoga and meditation paving the way, over the past few years interest in Ayurveda has been building in the West: more and more people are seeing the benefits of Eastern cleansing techniques for preserving optimal health and preventing disease.

In reality, tongue cleaning has been popular in most ancient cultures including Egypt, China...even Napolean had a tongue cleaner. 


Classic scraping scenario: roll out of bed, stumble to bathroom, take 5 seconds to scrape, then you’re done. Hold one end of the tongue cleaner in each hand and set the rounded part at the back of your tongue. Scrape the tongue from back to front applying light pressure. Scrape down the middle and then each side a few times. 

All you need to do is rinse your tongue cleaner for a few seconds like a toothbrush after each use. As copper is anti-microbial, any bacteria will be naturally eradicated on it's surface. 

Our tongue cleaners are made of pure copper, which at some point will start to naturally oxidise. What to do? Embrace the imperfection. It's not rust, and it's not harmful, it's just a natural process and what will give your tongue cleaner its beautiful, unique look.

Watch the demos in Cosmic Dealer's Instagram stories to see how it's done!


Cosmic Dealer was created by five girls based in Paris, France - on a mission to chill wellness the f*uck out. They love wellness gods and create functional products that cater to our evolving wellness needs. They look at Ayurveda through a modern lens, and believe that tiny changes can lead to big shifts in our overall wellbeing. They care about creating products that actually work, sourcing the best quality and maintaining 'impossibly' high standards. We are fans! Read more about Cosmic Dealer on their site or at their Instagram


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