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Sleep In Later, Pretend Meditator T-shirt

600,00 kr

Plants 5 trees You can track your impact after purchase.


Your new favorite wellness t-shirts made of organic & recycled cotton. 

They are called wellness t-shirts because they are made of natural materials, and are infused with microcapsule of pure CBD; known as a skin soother through its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. It's kind of like giving your skin a restorative holiday from drying, irritating synthetics. Read more about this process below.

This is the Kapha embroidered T-shirt with the "Sleep In Later - Pretend To Be A Meditator" print - for the Kapha earth energy types 😏. It also has a beautiful pearly collar.



In Ayurveda, these are the energetic forces believed to exist in our body. Vata, the energy of air, Pitta is the energy of fire, and Kapha is the energy of the earth. Read more about Ayurveda here and take the quiz to see which energy type you are here.

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+ Organic cotton, recycled cotton

+ Made in Portugal

+ CBD infused for extra wellness

+ Biodegradable packaging

+ One size



50% organic cotton and 50% recycled cotton, made in Portugal by people Cosmic Dealer know and love. 

Inspired by Ayurvastra: 

The ancient art of producing natural textiles and infusing them with herbal remedies is a branch of Ayurveda called Ayurvastra. These T-shirts are infused with microcapsule of pure CBD; known as a skin soother through its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties. Little by little, and for up to thirty washes, the capsule is gently absorbed into the skin due to friction with your body. Developing this microcapsule technology took Cosmic Dealer's expert partner 13 months to develop. A feat of science and a labour of love.

Embroidered on front. Pearl thread on the collar. Printed on the back.

Biodegradable packaging, delivered in a biodegradable polybag. 



One size, oversized fit. Straight cut. Looks very cool tucked into jeans or worn over leggings.

- Length from the middle of back to the point of the shoulder: 67 cm.

- Body width: 52cm. 



Machine wash at 30°C, do not bleach, do not tumble dry. Cool iron, dry clean gentle, reshape whilst damp, wash inside out.



Cosmic Dealer was created by five girls based in Paris, France - on a mission to chill wellness the f*uck out. They love wellness gods and create functional products that cater to our evolving wellness needs. They look at Ayurveda through a modern lens, and believe that tiny changes can lead to big shifts in our overall wellbeing. They care about creating products that actually work, sourcing the best quality and maintaining 'impossibly' high standards. We are fans! Read more about Cosmic Dealer on their site or at their Instagram


This product will plant 10 trees on your behalf🌳