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Bundle: Skin Care Favorites

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In this bundle you will find our favorite products for cleansing, moisturizing and hydrating our skin, in addition to products that nourish us from within.

The bundle includes Everyday Balance Oil, Daily Rituals Face Cream, Anti-Aging Night Serum and Everyday Calming Facial Mist from Raw Care Studio. Raw Care Studio is Portuguese brand that makes all products by hand, with ethically sourced & organic ingredients. We have loved these products ever since we found them, and it is with a lot of contentment that we introduce them to you.

The Everyday oil is a multipurpose oil for face, body and skin. We use it for cleansing our skin (so called oil-cleansing), which has been so revolutionizing to learn. Oil-cleansing preserves the natural oils of the face, while removing dirt and makeup. It also helps us gently exfoliate every day. You can see a great video of how to oil cleanse here.

We follow up with the Daily Rituals Face Cream in the morning to moisturize our skin. In the evening, we use the Anti-Aging Serum instead.

The Everyday Face Mist is a fantastic addition to any skin-care ritual. We apply it in the morning, on clean skin, or during the day when we need a little fresh-up.

The Anima Mundi Collagen Booster is a plant based powder that helps us boost our collagen production from the inside out. It is a fantastic powder made of plants such as He Shou Wu, Horsetail, Gynostemma, Calendula, Nettle, and Mangosteen. You can mix 1/2-1tsp into your favorite tea, coffee, smoothie, baked goods, etc. Here is a recipe from Anima Mundi for a delicious collagen boosting cake.


The bundle includes:

Everyday Balance Oil
Daily Rituals Face Cream
Anti-Aging Night Serum
Everyday Calming Facial Mist
Anima Mundi Collagen Booster Powder