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Better Bowls

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THE PRODUCT: Beautiful bowls made of 100% coconut shells. The bowls are engraved with "Better Broccoli" and "Radical Bowls". 


HOW TO USE AND TAKE CARE OF: These bowls are perfect for your smoothie bowl, oatmeal, snacks, soups, wok, or any meal you like to eat out of a bowl. Be gentle with hot foods. As they are 100% natural coconut shells, they may crack. We recommend you to hand wash your bowls and rub them with coconut oil every once in a while, usually between every 10-15 use. If your bowl ever cracks, we will gladly give you a new one for free. All you need to do is to forward your order confirmation and a picture of the damage to Note that shipping costs apply.


Better Broccoli x Radical Bowls is a collaboration between Radical Broccoli and Norwegian lifestyle brand Better Bowls.


THE GOOD NEWS: We are all passionate about reducing plastic waste. This is why we will donate 10% of each sale directly to Nordic Ocean Watch, a charity dedicated to giving our oceans the love it deserves.

 «The ocean is what connects the world. It has always taken care of us and we cannot live without it. It’s time we return the favor. #Tavaha» – Nordic Ocean Watch

This limited edition collaboration will not be restocked.